She dreams in Portland

"She dreams in Portland"
Days, weeks, months go by, she hasn't been back for three years....
Things have changed... people have changed, buildings have changed, an entire new Universe was built at the end of the bridge. It now hovers over and steals the Sun from her old neighborhood.
Even so, she still needs to go.
Her people are there. It's home.
It's the only place she can dream.
Will she make it back?
No one knows.
It is a new year, so anything goes.
#staytuned #saga
#bykerrylove & #theartofgrief 

Don't forget your coffee, love!

Today, I finally made coffee...........Dan would be so proud.............. Depression and grief takes a lot out of you, such as the ability to make coffee at times, or the ability to take a shower for days or wash your clothes and dishes.... Even the ability to talk to friends, it's ROUGH. And I'm not even telling you half of what I haven't been able to do. I'm a productive human or at least I strive to be so it's frustrating when I can't get out of the funk. Today though......
Today, there is coffee.

Engage Your Connections, It's Life.

  1. Engagement through social media and online marketing is the same as engagement in real life.
  2. What it boils down to is making connections... 
  3. When you look around at objects in your near vicinity you can see that everything is connected in some way shape or form.
  4. The best example of connection are cells in your body. Circles within circles within walls of more circles. 

Architecture in the North Loop

Will robots need apartments?


We are the Creators.
We are the Operations team.
We make decisions that change the world.
If you don't think your actions affect much, you are mistaken. Emergence is proof. Complexity from Simplicity. Order out of chaos. 
We are here to make waves, to design a new and open existence, an operating system for living.
We can create a whole new economy for a whole new world if we want.
We can create anything, because we are the creators of our very own existence.



When we die we go back into the Universe and this is only the start of our journey.
There are things that are unknown, and that itself, is a fact.

Wi-Fi = invisible radio waves.
They are invisible yet you know they are there, human beings found a way to discover AND use them!
Why ignore the fact there might be other types of energy? We just haven't discovered a way to find yet..

Life. What's it about? The answer you've been waiting for.

"There's nothing to do here
So just lie and complain
In bed at the hospital
Coming and going
Asleep and awake
In bed at the hospital" - Florence and the Machine

Shattered Reflections

Looking through shards of the past, light is reflected in many directions.

We as humans, are mirrors of each other. We mimic what we see around us. Smile at another and what do you see? Usually your smile looking back at YOU. 

How can you use your reflection to reflect love into the world?

Here's a piece I started a few months ago. It's made from DVDS that needed to be recycled.


She makes art to keep the CRAZY out.

♥️ Art is therapy ♥️

Did you know... There's an 88 year old woman living in a mental institution of her own freewill....making art?

Apparently I'm not the only one that makes art to keep the CRAZY out!


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